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General Catalog 910-01
SDD 910
SDD 910
Pressure relief valves
SDD 910

Pressure relief valve SDD 910 limits the static pressure to a constant and maximal settled value by opening the outlet (to the discharge line) when the pressure is overriding. A diaphragm separates the mechanical parts body and the channel. All wetted parts are in plastics. The diaphragm and seat seal are in EPDM or FPM according to the model.
The SDD 910 valves may be used as pressure relief valves on dosing or volumetric pumping system:
• for keeping preset working pressure constant on the primary side
• for ensuring constant dosing quantities in conjunction with oscillating pumps
These equipment protection devices may be fitted in any position, in line, or on by-pass according to the application.
The top handle, faucet like, allows the operator to adjust the working pressure without tools. On request SDD 910 may be provided with a simple cover and adjustment may be done with a BTR key.
Body,wetted parts: PPG (glass fibre reinforced) or PVDF
Diaphragm: EPDM or FPM
Union seals: EPDM or FPM
Upper cover: PPG
Spring: Stainless steel 
Bolt accessories: Stainless steel
Fitting threads: Brass, female M5; 2 inserts on bottom plate
Nominal diameter: ND 10 & ND 15
Pressure: Adjustable from 0.5 to 6 bar 
Hysteresis: Approx. 0.3 bar
Connections: PVC unions, solvent welding, PPH or PVDF to weld on site
General Catalog 910-01
23/04/2018 11:10
Pressure relief valves
SDD 910
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