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Version PDF Declaration of decontamination

According to directives for Health and Safety, BAMO requires a declaration of decontamination for all instruments returned for service.
This declaration concerns instruments or parts in contact with a potentially dangerous fluid, for example:
- Measuring systems (pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, etc.)
- Float level controllers (MNR6, MNR7, etc.)
- Level indicators (MAGTOP, FS4, etc.)
- Flow-metres
- Samplers
- Etc.

Please proceed to the decontamination, download the document herein after, complete it and join it with the goods to our offices.

Until we received the declaration we do not care of the received parcel, meanwhile we keep it in quarantine.

For a device received not in good conditions, not cleaned, without declaration, we shall return it to the sender on its own cost, or we shall charge the decontamination.

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