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General Catalog 912-02
SDD 912
SDD 912
Pressure relief valves
SDD 912
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This product is not anymore manufactured or marketed by BAMO
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a substitution product certified or if you have a question

  • All wetted parts in plastic 
  • Protection of pumps and process lines 
  • Affordable cost 
  • Small dimensions 
  • Adjustable from 1 to 10 bar 
  • Nominal diameters from ND 32 to ND 50

Pressure relief valves SDD 912 limits the static pressure to a constant and maximal settled value by opening the outlet (to the discharge line) when the pressure is overriding. The right angle concept allows small dimensions with a reduced weight for easiest fitting on line than any conventional in-line straight pressure relief valve. All wetted parts are in plastics; without any metallic parts exposed to the atmosphere it allows a location in corroding vapours.

The SDD 912 valves may be used as pressure relief valves on volumetric pumping system. These equipment protection devices havr to be fitted on by-pass.

Body: PVC 
Seat seal and O-rings: FPM
Wetted parts: PPH and PPG (Glass fibre reinforced Polypropylene)
Relief pressure: 1 to 10 bar 
Pressure class: PN 10 (at 20°C) ; [bar]
Temperature limits: +10 ... +50°C 
Inlet / outlet size: ND 32 to ND 50  
Hysteresis: Approximately 0.5 bar
Connections : PVC unions, solvent welding
PVC loose flange
Flow rate limit: 3 m/s as a maximum
General Catalog 912-02
08/11/2018 10:48
Pressure relief valves
SDD 912
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