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General Catalog 730-01
Variable area flow indicator
Warning! You are consulting an archived documentation:

This product is not anymore manufactured or marketed by BAMO
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a substitution product certified or if you have a question

  • For aggressive or neutral fluids
  • Corrosion and shockproof
  • Construction: all in plastic materials
  • PVC - Trogamid (PA) - Polysulfon (PSU) - PVDF
  • 0-50 m3/h water in 12 scales
  • Air - HCl - NaOH - ... 
  • Direct reading plus 2 set point indicators 
  • Alarm contacts in option 
  • Accuracy: Class 4 
  • Radial mounting: vertical, ascending flow

Max. pressure at 20 °C PVC union: PN 10 - Cast iron union: PN 16
Temperature limits PVC: 0...50°C (water)
Trogamid: 0...80°C (water)
Polysulfon: 0...120°C (water)
Float: PVDF
Float stopper: PVDF
Seals: EPDM
Union (standard model): PVC, to glue on site
Scales: in l/h water at 20°C
Chemical resistance:
PVC for acid, neutral or basic liquids
Trogamid for neutral and basic fluids
Polysulfon for Acids – Please inquire.

Caution: it is necessary to take care of unions temperature limits.


Example: IDP 100 T PVDF A

IDP: Plastic flow indicator
100: Beginning of scale (end of scale is x 10)
T: Calibrated tube in PVC (V), Trogamid (T), Polysulfon (P) or (PVDF)
PVDF: PVDF float
A: Including a magnet for switch control (option)


Connections: Cast iron or stainless steel unions, flanges and collars
With flat seals PVC, PPH, PVDF or stainless
Seals: FPM
Special scales: Air (1...9 bar absolute - 20 °C) with Trogamid IDP only HCl (30 %), Na OH (30 and 50 %)

With your request, please specify the fluid, temperature and pressure.


The flow meter has to be equipped with a magnetic float PVDF A

Switching power: 10 VA / 100 V AC / 0.5 A
Status NO with flow-less: Code number P 48119
NC with flow-less: Code number P113 131
Protection: IP 65, DIN plug (acc. to DIN EN 175301-803)
Temperature limits: Room 0...50°C, Fluid 0...55°C

General Catalog 730-01
08/11/2018 10:40
Variable area flow indicator
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