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General Catalog 289-01
BCP 48
BCP 48
Programmable counter
BCP 48
Warning! You are consulting an archived documentation:

This product is not anymore manufactured or marketed by BAMO
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a substitution product certified or if you have a question

  • Universal and simple
  • Double back-lighted LCD display.
    Main counter 8 digits Totalizer.
    Second counter 6 digits.
  • Batch counter with two pre-setting.
  • 4 programming mode.
  • Supply sensor 24 V.
  • DIN 48 x 48 enclosure box.

The BCP48 is a meter to exceptional performances in a format DIN 48 x 48.
During the idea of this product, an particular attention has been done to the comfort of utilization and to the facility to using.
Thus, a double display LCD back-lighted allows the simultaneous display of

  • The current value (Upper display 7 mm higth)
  • Choise between the présélections values P1, P2 or the total general or the auxiliary meter. (down display 4 mm higth)

The modification of a parameter or a preset value been made in all simplicity thanks to a big touch 4 directions, that allows to select rapidly the digit to change and to increased or decreased it.
By programming, it is possible to validate parameters ahead to remain accessible to the user.
A cycle can be started or interrupted from a distance.
Compact, universal and simple of utilization, are characteristics that allow this counter to give you solution for applications them most various.


The counter BCP 48 allows to total impulsions in source of equipped materials of contacts such that meters M, or the flowmeters with turbine FFG, MICROSTREAM, BAMOTUR, as well as the BAMOFLU.
With a divisor / multiplier coefficient, the frequency received is converted in a physical value such that m3 or liter.


Main supply: Bivoltage 115-230 Vac 10%. (Other on request.)
Sensor supply: 12 to 26 Vdc under 60 mA maxi.
Display: 2 lines, 7 back-lighted segment 6 digits.
Frequency: 10 KHz maxi.
Input: PNP, NPN, Namur.
Cefficient: 0,0001 up to 9999,99
Impedance: 3 kΩ.
Consumption: 6 VA.
Relay output: 2 NO or NC, choice by programming.

Power rating:
150 VA / 260 Vac/ 1 A.
(protection by varistance 300 V).

Program: On EEPROM (10 years).
Protection: IP65 in front panel.

0 to 50 °C in functioning.
-20 to + 70 °C for stocking.

Weight: 260 g.
Connections: 2 Removable wiring connector

General Catalog 289-01
20/11/2018 10:29
Programmable counter
BCP 48
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