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General Catalog 107-01
pH/mV Meter

Panel mounting

Wall mounting

Panel mounting unit + Extension unit
• Color touch screen
• 2 existing scales:
0... 14 pH or ±1000 mV
• Temperature compensation:
Automatic or manual
• 2 outputs 0/4-20mA (pH and T °C)
• 4 relays (Thresholds, alarm and/or regulation)
• Options:
Extension terminal for 2nd measuring parameter
Measurement of pH or ORP, alarms and/or regulation for water treatments, chemical industries, industrial applications.
- Electroplating industry
- Processed water treatment
- wastewater treatment (e.g. pH neutralization)
- Groundwater or runoff water survey
- Swimming pool pH regulation (or spa or fish tank)
- Alarming on cooling plant (NH₃)
- Etc.
The device is equipped with a color touch screen for the display of a multilingual menu friendly and intuitive. It provides easy reading of measurement, temperature and state of the thresholds. It displays a menu with all parameters for configuration of analogue outputs, thresholds and regulation mode. In order to facilitate its commissioning, a programming menu can simulate the measurement, acting on the
measurement analog outputs and P.I.D, as well as on the thresholds.
Analogue output reflects the measurement and may be scaled all along the range.
Temperature analogue output is available as well as a 4-20 mA signal.
A complete measuring system includes:
- pH/mV-meter BAMOPHAR
- One pH or ORP electrode (data-sheet 150-01/03)
- One electrode holder (data-sheets 130- to 145-)
- Accessories: pH/ORP cable, connectors, buffers (data-sheet 160-01)
- Option: Temperature probe (Data-sheet 150-02)
For any information and special request: please contact us.
An extension terminal (wall, panel or DIN rail mounting):
• Allows a second measuring parameter (pH, flow-rate, conductivity, etc.)
Data from this blind unit are displayed on the main unit
• Connected to main unit with 4 wire shielded cable
(Cable length between both devices: max. 500 m)
• RS422 and Data Logger of main unit are shared between both units
General Catalog 107-01
20/03/2020 13:03
pH/mV Meter
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