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General Catalog 531-04
RAC 531
RAC 531
Level detection for oil-water separators
RAC 531


- Monitoring of hydrocarbon level in oil-water separators.


RAC 531 is designed for the monitoring of hydrocarbon fluids separators. With sensor, OP/10 (OP/5) the alarm device detects when the maximum thickness is reached.

Status display, from LED, on front panel:

• Yellow LED –> Alarm occured, not yet reset
• Green LED –> Normal monitoring status
• Red LED –> Alarming status

The alarm device has a built-in buzzer. A jumper may disable its function; in this configuration, the lighting alarm and relay output inform the current ALARM status to operator.
The alarm device has an auto-diagnostic of measuring loop and of device integrity. An alarm signal occurs in case of dysfunction.    
There are three marks on the sensor for an easy fitting according to highest hydrocarbon layer thickness.  


RAC 531 – Alarming unit

Main power supply:  230 V – 50/60 Hz ±10 % 
Power consumption:  ~ 2 W  
Housing protection:  IP65, according EN 60529  
Temperature limits:  -20...+60°C  
Housing material:  Polycarbonate cabinet; 120x80x55 mm  
Sensor input:  For 1 sensor, detection for hydrocarbon fluids layer thickness 

 The alarm device NIVOIL has an auto-diagnostic of measuring loop and system integrity. 

Display and signals:
 Green LED for normal status 
Yellow LED when alarm occurred and not yet reset 
Red LED for alarming status  
Built-in audible alarm, disabled with a jumper 

 Through 1 push button for diagnostic test and alarm clearance  
Output:  1 relay output, 230 V AC, 3A, potential free change over contact

Ex protection class:
    II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIB/IIA 
ATEX Certificate: BVS 12 ATEX E 019  / This cabinet must be fitted in the safe area
CE Marks: According to Low Voltage Guidelines: 2006/95/CEE) and EMV Guidelines: 89/336/CEE

To use, only, with OP/5 or OP/10 sensor (BVS 07 ATEX E 091 X) 

OP/5 – Hydrocarbon layer thickness sensors

Sensor type:
 Capacitive, high frequency  
Wetted parts:  Antistatic PE stem;  Stainless steel end  
Cable:  Elastomer resistant to oils and hydrocarbon fluids, blue colour; wires 2x1 mm², connections on screw connectors; 
5 or 10 m long cable (other lengths on request - maximal length is 300 m)  
Protection:  IP68 acc. EN 60529  
Temperature limits:  -20...+60°C

Ex protection class:  
II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4
ATEX certificate: BVS 07 ATEX E 091 X  / This sensor may be fitted in zone 0

General Catalog 531-04
17/04/2018 11:11
Level detection for oil-water separators
RAC 531
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