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General Catalog 544-06
Relay for resistive level detection
  • For all electrical conductive liquids 
  • Suitable for level or leakage detection 
  • Adjustable sensitivity and timer, 
    Selection of action mode 
  • Self diagnostic with instant alarm (LED) for:
    Short circuit on the loop detection, 
    Loop detection cable break off
  • Functions: 
    On /Off level controller between 2 rods 
    Leakage, inundation and humidity detection
    Level regulation between 3 rods

The relay ES 5000 works with the electrical conductivity property of the liquid, detecting the opening or closing circuit between two electrodes.


Relay for level control

Minimal or maximal levels – Dosing, flow detection and alarm, pump control, solenoid valve control, fluid detection in a pipe.

Relay for leakage, inundation and humidity detection

In use with a LISA sensor, the relay ES5000 is dedicated for leakage detection on water distribution (pipes, sprinklers) and alarming in case of water, condensates or humidity in areas where water is prejudicial for equipments. The relay ES5000 includes a self diagnostic of the detection loop (short circuit on the loop detection and ribbon sensor break off) in order to warranty a positive safe detection system.


Power supply input:
230, 115, 48, 24 V AC - 50/60 Hz
12, 24 V DC

Consumption: < 2 VA
Ambient temperature: -15 to +45°C
Mass: 100 g
Mounting: DIN rail (DIN 46277)
Dimensions: 22.5 x 75 x 99 mm
Protection: IP40 – Tropicalized on request (varnish)
Hysteresis: About 10% of sensitivity
Adjustable timer: 0.5 ... 3 s (increase and decreasing signal)

Low range = 1 to 70 kΩ
High range = 15 to 150 kOhm

Current loop output: Galvanic insulated, < 6 V ac / < 2 mA

Relay outputs (2):
Max 250 V, 3 A [AC]
Max 125 V, 0.3 A [DC]

CE Labels: In accordance with low voltage guidelines (2006/95/EEC) and (89/336/CEE)

General Catalog 544-06
17/04/2018 11:15
Relay for resistive level detection
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