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General Catalog 145-01
Auto cleaning probe

  • For one electrode: pH or ORP 
  • Easy to install 
  • Autonomous device 
  • Installation at any time on existing system

Where pH and ORP are measured, there is a risk of electrode fouling. Theresult is a drift of measured value. To be free of this, it is necessary toclean carefully the electrode. For this purpose, we designed the auto cleaning probe 9360. Autonomous, it injects pressurized cleaning liquid on the electrode toremove impurities.


The probe 9360 accepts our electrode holder "probe 9336" (please consultour file 130) and centres it perfectly. The tubing for cleaner liquid is all inside the probe body. The completesystem could stay all the time in the process tank. The cleaner fluid, water or acid + water, is projected with 3 jets around theelectrode, 2 mm close to the bulb. With the pressure impurities are removedand the washing solution cleans the electrode.Fitting of the probe consist of a sliding ND 65 mm flange, allowing you toadjust the height of immersion. The cleaning sequence is switched on by a PLC or, better, by ourBAMOPHOX 106. During the cleaning, the regulation is switched on "STANDBY", not to interfere with the process. Please note the necessary addition of a pump, a cleaning liquid tank withtubing and a valve for flow adjustment, not included in our system.

General Catalog 145-01
17/04/2018 10:24
Auto cleaning probe
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