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Newsletter December 2020 - BAMO Mesures
With an experience of more than 40 years in the field
of industrial instrumentation for water treatment, BAMO Mesures
proposes a complete range of float level detectors. Our different models are available from stock for a quick delivery.
Lifting stations and WWTP
2 Versions: For non-hazardous and hazardous areas

The NIVOSTOP PR2 is equipped with a large diameter cable and has a reinforced sealing system (three enclosures) that give it maximum durability and reliability under severe operating conditions.


For drinkable water
ACS certification (French agreement)

For use in drinking water or food applications (drinking water tanks, bottling, well water drilling)


For aggressive chemicals
(Wastewater, acidic and basic liquids)

The NIVOSTOP C is designed for extremely high chemical resistance and for use up to 100 °C.
Applications/ Compatibility: On request


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1 float = 2 switching actions
(Pump automation)
  • Regulation between 2 points
  • High switching power
  • Cable lengths: 5, 10, 20 meters
    (Other lengths on request)
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Cigar shape: Small size, suitable for all clear fluids
Pear shape: Suitable for pasty, viscous liquids even with suspended solids
Cigar shape: Oil version, suitable for liquids with S.G. > 0.9

The BAMO team is ready to answer all your requests!

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