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General Catalog 920-01
EV 160
EV 160
Pilot operated solenoid valves
EV 160

  • Wetted parts: all in plastic materials 
  • Pilot operated, with the medium pressure 
  • Operating pressure from 0.3 to 6 bar 
  • 2/2 way valves 
  • Diaphragm EPDM or FPM
  • Female process connections, ND 15 to ND 50

In a de-energized state, the medium pressure is built up by a servo bore on the upper side of the diaphragm, the valve is closed.When energized, first only the pilot valve opens, i.e. the plunger and the connected pilot diaphragm are lifted and a relief well becomes free. This causes a pressure drop above the diaphragm and the valve opens because of the medium pressure. For a perfect function a differential pressure of min. 0.3 bar is necessary.


Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz (Other supply voltage on request)
Consumption: 6.5 VA
Function: Normally Closed (NC)
Nominal diameter: 15 to 50 mm
Pressure range: 0.3 to 6 bar

Coil preferably in upright position
Materials EPDM or FPM - (Diaphragm and seal)
PVC or PPH or PTFE - (Body)

Spigot end for solvent welding (PVC)
Spigot end for fusion welding (PPH)
Female threaded socket (PTFE)

Viscosity: Up to 3° E / approx. 21 cSt
Protection: IP 65
Electrical part: Plug socket DIN 43650, PG 9
Ambient temperature: 50°C

Operating temperature:
50°C (PVC)
80°C (PP and PTFE)

General Catalog 920-01
17/04/2018 14:09
Pilot operated solenoid valves
EV 160
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